All that I am, and have to give, is the sum total of all of my life experiences. My soul, or inner being, is impacted by even the most chance and brief encounters. So, I’d like you to meet the very first people who impacted me, my biological family. Here you’ll see my parents and brothers and sisters. I’m one of seven, but only five of us lived past childhood. I’m in the middle: Michael, Kathy, Brian, Tom, and Maureen.

Brian's Report Card

Single person teeter totter. Flint MI

My dad, Waldo McNaught, was the oldest of seven children. He was a journalist who ended up as a director of public relations at General Motors. We lived on the east side of Detroit, where I was born, in Flint, when Dad was heading up PR for Buick, Grand Blanc, where Dad headed up the creation of Warwick Hills Country Club, and the Buick Open, and finally in Birmingham, MI, where this family photo was taken.

Brian and best friend, brother, Tommy - Flint, MI

"Where's the water?" Eastside of Detroit

Brian and Tommy visit Santa

My mother, Mary Virginia Day McNaught, was born and raised in Detroit, one of five children, the others boys. She and my dad had seven children, of whom five lived beyond their second year of life. I am the middle child.

Big brother, Micheal, holds Brian, Eastside of Detroit

McNaught Family Photo - Mom: "Brian, why couldn't you wear a tie?" Birmingham, MI

Brian and the Bunny

School picture, St. Matthew's Grade School, Flint, MI