About: My skill is providing the tools to understand the components of sex and gender, to be an effective ally to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people, and to bridge the gap between organizational policies and organizational culture. Non-discrimination policies do not create a workplace in which LGBTQ employees or customers feel safe and valued. Proactive measures need to be taken by each individual, using appropriate language, to create a welcoming environment...

About: Join Hayley Evans and Brian McNaught for fun and fascinating conversations about naming your Light, your manifestation of the Divine, and risking everything to celebrate it. One is straight, and the other gay, one was raised in Zimbabwe, and the other in the Midwest of the U.S., one is a Gen X, and the other a Baby Boomer, and both have made “the Hero’s Journey.” They found each other by chance, a mutual friend thinking they both were on the same paths, using the same gifts. They talked once, and loved the experience. “Why don’t we record these?” They hope you will find their thoughts of some good use.

A Parliament of Snowy Owl Elders is a group of gay senior men who fully celebrate their sexual orientation and gender identity, who understand they have unique gifts that the Universe calls them to know, use, and share, and who accept the responsibility to be role models and to mentor gay men or all ages.

Brian R. McNaught papers, circa 1970-1994.

Collection Number: 7590