What's Gay? Asked Mae

The film “What’s ‘Gay’?” Asked Mae won Best Animated Film at the Toronto LGBTQ Film Festival 2022

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WHAT'S 'GAY'? ASKED MAE, 3min., USA, Animation

Directed by Mark S. Schoen

“What’s ‘Gay’?” Asked Mae - Two children in the garden are helped by a variety of birds to understand the real meaning of the word “gay.” “It’s a way to love,” cooed the Mourning Dove. Based on the book by Brian McNaught, the three-minute animated movie provides an excellent resource for teachers and parents on how to educate youngsters, ages 5 - 10, on the loving context of “gay” before they hear, “That’s so ‘gay’.”

Watch a clip from the film and viewer reviews.

"WHAT'S 'GAY'? ASKED MAE  available in paperback and KindleUnlimited at Amazon

On Beign Gay and Gray

On Being Gay and Gray: Our Stories, Gifts, and the Meaning of Our Lives

"How is growing old as gay any different than growing old as straight?" a good, old, straight friend asked me.

"In many wonderful, but also challenging ways," I replied.

We gay Baby Boomers are a most remarkable generation of seekers, survivors, and saviors. We have modeled the Hero’s Journey by coming out into a torrent of fire and brimstone, creating an immutable identity around what was considered a “lifestyle choice,” have endured on our own the ravages of epidemic sex-related death, faced down the Church and State to create loving, long-term relationships, redefined “family,” expanded our cause to include all sexual and gender minorities, and now face old age as the first group of homosexuals to do so defiantly out of the close..."