Understanding and Managing Gay and Transgender Issues in the Workplace
This extraordinarily engaging and powerful presentation seeks to build bridges of understanding on gay and transgender issues in the workplace, and to make allies of all employees in the company's goal of empowering a diverse workforce. It captures renowned presenter Brian McNaught at his very best with an audience of corporate employees who enthusiastically respond to him and the pertinent information and personal perspective he offers.
Part One—Starting the Discussion - "Words vs. Music"
Why companies which seek to attract and retain the best employees must address these issues, why the topic can be challenging for many people, and how personal moral values do not prevent colleagues from embracing efforts to create a safe and productive work environment.
Part Two—Challenges in the Workplace

What gay and transgender people are looking for from their employer, why they want to "come out" at work, and what prevents them from doing so.

Part Three—Learning the Language

The necessary information on sexual orientation and gender identity/ expression, as well as the proper terminology for both issues, which colleagues need to feel more comfortable and confident in their responses.

Part Four—Putting a Face on the Issue

Participants understand with both their heads and their hearts how their gay and transgender colleagues are impacted in the workplace by the lack of understanding of the issues they confront on a daily basis.

Anyone can be a Ally - Workplace
How to be an ally to create an LGBT inclusive workplace.
Anyone Can Be An Ally - Family

Gay Issues in the Workplace

A cross-section of gay, lesbian, and bisexual workers speak for themselves in this engaging and enlightening discussion starter. Hosted by Brian McNaught, the presentation highlights the pros and cons of coming out at work, the benefits of employee resource groups, the significance of domestic partner benefits, and the effect on employee productivity and loyalty when companies make the effort to address gay issues.

"Nice job! ... an excellent introduction ... for non-gay managers and an important aid for gay workers to show the larger issues to their employers." – Art Bain, editor and publisher, The Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Corporate Newsletter

Gay/Straight: Can We Talk? Building Bridges of Understanding

KBDI Public Television aired Nationally  58 min., 1997

"McNaught asserts, 'The issue of homosexuality is a very difficult one for many people. Turn on a talk show or read a letter to the editor and it's easy to understand that many people are wrestling with this. Yet, I believe, with honesty, patience and love that people with seemingly impossible differences can build bridges of mutual respect and admiration'."

Gay/Straight: Can We Talk? is the third in a series of programs (from PBS Station KBDI-TV12) examining homosexual issues with Brian McNaught. Brian and our studio audience talk about building bridges of understanding between heterosexuals and their gay family members, friends and co-workers. Through personal stories and open dialogue, this program models how gays and straights can talk and listen to each other in ways that can make friends out of strangers and allies out of foes.

Homophobia in the Workplace

KBDI Public Television aired Nationally  58 min. 1993

Acclaimed writer and corporate trainer, Brian McNaught explains why companies need to address issues of concern to gay, lesbian, and bisexual employees and how to do so effectively. Shown regularly on Public Broadcasting Stations throughout the country, this video received the highest rating from the American Library Association (**** Highly Recommended. Editor's Choice).

"You can personally believe what you want about the moral aspects of homosexuality and still be an ally in the fight against discrimination ... Brian McNaught points out in this outstanding seminar modeled on his award-winning presentation to audiences in corporate America."

Video Librarian

Growing Up Gay and Lesbian

KBDI Public Television aired Nationally  57 min. 1993

Brian McNaught puts a powerful face on the issue with this non-threatening but highly effective presentation on the isolation and alienation of growing up gay. In the same gentle manner with which he has made allies of heterosexual audiences in the past 25 years, McNaught explains what it is like growing up with a secret you don't understand and are afraid to tell for fear of losing people's love and respect. Aired repeatedly on PBS stations nationally, it received the highest rating from the American Library Association (**** Highly Recommended. Editor's Choice).

"In a national debate often marked by hyperbole and hostility from both sides, McNaught brings compassion, tranquility, and a genuine willingness to work with people to the discussion ... An outstanding presentation." – Video Librarian

Brian McNaught debates Anita Bryant Ministries on "To the Point" in Miami 1979

Brian McNaught debates Anita Bryant Ministries John Hasen "ex-gay" on "To The Point" a 1970's television program based in Miami, FL. The program was host by Shirley Peters and Shirley Spellerberg.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

On Being Gay

A Conversation with Brian McNaught

70 min., 1986, 1994

In this highly praised two-part presentation, Brian McNaught explains the unique aspects of growing up gay and makes real the experience through his richly-detailed and thought-provoking guided imagery. He also tells his own riveting story of coming out to his Irish Catholic, mid-western family, and then addresses often-cited but erroneously interpreted biblical quotes. Recently updated, this video can easily be used in segments. Since first released, it has been a popular educational tool.

"Highly recommended for ... heterosexual audiences, ... religious groups and young people struggling with the issues of sexual orientation." – SIECUS Report

Interview with Outspoken

“McNaught holds an esteemed place within the movement.”
Nicole C. Raeburn, Changing Corporate America from the Inside Out