The individuals in this personal slideshow from the “Rolling the Stone Away” conference in St. Louis, Nov. 1, 2017 are all prophets, martyrs, and pioneers in their respective Christian denominations. Unlike myself, who moved from religious activism in the Roman Catholic Church, to City Hall, and then to sexuality education in college and corporate presentations, these heroes stayed within their denominations for four decades to create space in which LGBTQ people feel safe and valued.

Sr. Jeannine Gramick - Roman Catholic Church
Rev. Nancy Wilson - Metropolitan Community Church
Rev. Jimmy Creech - United Methodist Church
Dr. Mary Hunt - Roman Catholic Church
Rev. Dr. Renee McCoy - MCC
Rev. Dr. Carter Hayward - Episcopal Church
Rev. Bill Johnson - United Church of Christ
Mark Bowman - United Methodist
Leo Treadway - Lutheran Church
Dr. Michael Adee - Presbyterian Church
Rev. Janie Spahr - Presbyterian Church
Chris Glaser - Presbyterian